About Surgimed Services Inc.

Mitchell Schaker founded SurgiMed Services Inc in 1994 to give healthcare providers an efficient, personalized alternative to traditional assembly-line medical billing services.

Mitchell Schaker

For the past 18 years Mitch has been committed to practice management and billing solutions for medical practices throughout the Atlanta area. Surgimed Services Inc. was founded in 1993 by Mitch and his wife Ann. Prior to this, Mitch worked in the management field for 15 years including, including his position as practice manager for one of the largest surgical assisting groups in the Atlanta area. Mitch is a Georgia native and attended college at Georgia State University.

Serena Schaker

Prior to her work with Surgimed Services Inc. Serena worked as a surgical coordinator and practice manager for an oculofacial plastic surgeon as well as two surgical assisting practices. She has experience in credentialing with hospitals and insurance companies. Serena has played a large role in the start-up of a surgical assistant company as well as a medical practice. Serena is an Atlanta native and graduated from Reinhardt College with a B.A. in Communications.