The decision to outsource your billing process deserves thoughtful consideration.

Among the points you should review are your expenses for in-house billing.  These include direct staff costs such as

  • salaries,
  • temporary      coverage during staff absences, and
  • rent      for billing department space.

Then there are the additional checks you write for

  • employee      benefits,
  • billing      hardware and software,
  • frequent      and necessary equipment and application upgrades,
  • tech      support and maintenance, and
  • ongoing      staff training to keep your employees current on coding rules and      mandates.

There also are the hidden costs for new employee learning curves, time off, and internal employee politics.

As your medical billing partner, SurgiMed can save your practice thousands of dollars because we already have the people, space, components, tech support, software and continuing education in place.  As a highly specialized company working for healthcare providers like you, we can realize economies of scale that no medical group can achieve individually.  This is how we maintain the efficiencies that will keep your billing costs and aggravation levels well below what you might experience with an in-house billing operation